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New Logo and Website

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FTS has launched our newly redesigned website.  This project was initiated by Director of Admissions, Michael Dewalt.  The structure of the site has changed slightly to make it more accessible to both new and existing visitors. These changes reflect the trend of more simple and functional web design. The new site is also mobile-friendly, allowing you to access the same information in an easier fashion on your smart phones and tablets.

Along with the website, a new school logo was designed.


New Logo


Previous Logo


The new site features include:

  • Applying to the school has become easier through the use of an Apply Online form.
  • Current students needing to register for the coming semester now have the option of online Course Registration.
  • Calendars for easier viewing of upcoming events.
  • A blog on which student, faculty, and staff articles will be posted regularly.


Note to Current Students

If you are a current student and used the previous site to look at course schedules or view course syllabi, those sections have now moved to the Current Students tab.

This tab also gives you access to the Course Registration form, so you can register online each semester instead of submitting a paper registration form.  The paper form submission option is still available if you prefer.

The final function on this tab is a calendar which highlights important academic and school events.

The library search and access to the Galaxie Software journals have been moved to the Library link on the top of each page.

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