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Faith Seminary Graduates Class

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(From Thursday, May 19, 1938 Christian Beacon Vol. III – No. 15)

Rev. James R. Graham Brings First Commencement Address

An enthusiastic group of Christian people filled the First Independent Church of Wilmington to overflowing on Friday evening, May 13. The occasion was the first annual commencement of Faith Theological Seminary. The exercises marked the completion of the first year of the seminary, which was founded “to give a thorough training to young men who are preparing themselves under God to minister to the Bible-believing Christians of today.”

“Soldiers of Christ” – was the title of the commencement address which was given by the Rev. James R. Graham, Jr., missionary to China, and recently appointed to return to the field under the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions. In beginning his address, Mr. Graham spoke of the difference between a servant and a soldier. He referred particularly to Chinese servants who, outside of doing the work expected of them had no particular loyalty to their master. He feels that, if he does the appointed household tasks, it is not part of his job to protect his master against those who would cheat and rob him.

Mr. Graham said that this same was true of many Bible-believing Christians. As servants of Christ, they are content to sit back and do only those things particularly expected of them. But, he continued, too few of the Christians are willing to be soldiers for Christ. A soldier, out of loyalty to his country, will go out and fight for his country, and we, as soldiers of Christ, are expected to be so loyal to Him that we are willing to go out and fight for Him and for His Word if necessary.

In continuing his address, Mr. Graham took several outstanding Biblical heroes, among them Moses, Phineas, David, Daniel, and Paul, and pointed out soldier-like qualities in each of these men. In closing the address, Mr. Graham told the men of the graduating class that the world today needs men who are willing to be not only servants, but also soldiers for Christ. He told the young men that they are particularly well equipped for that task, and urged them, as they went out to the place where the Lord would lead, to be “Soldiers of Christ.”


The commencement program follows:

INVOCATION – The Rev. Carl Mclntire, President of Board of Directors

SCRIPTURE LESSON – The Rev. Merril T. MacPherson, Philadelphia, Pa.

PRAYER – The Rev. H. McAllister Griffiths, DD., Philadelphia, Pa.

ADDRESS – “Soldiers of Christ”, The Rev. James Graham, Jr., Missionary to China

ADDRESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS – The Rev. Allan A. MacRae, Ph.D., Chairman of the Faculty

BENEDTCTION – The Rev. Harold S. Laird, Secretary of Board of Directors


The Rev. R. Laird Harris presented the following graduates for degrees:

For the degree of Bachelor of Divinity: Delbert P. Jorgensen, Almond, Wisconsin; H. Blair Mclntire, Durant, Oklahoma; Francis A. Schaeffer, Philadelphia; G. Douglas Young, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and John M. L. Young, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

For the degree of Master of` Sacred Theology: Desmond Jones, Collingswood, N. J., and G. Douglas Young, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Mr. Roland K. Armes, treasurer of the seminary, announced that the seminary is closing its first year with all bills paid, for which praise is offered to God. Truly, “He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think.”

Faith Theological Seminary has had a rare privilege, indeed, in raising a new and faithful witness to the infallibility of the Bible, “the truly miraculous events therein recorded, the salvation of sinners through the blood of Jesus Christ, and His premillennial coming again.”

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