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David Paul, Class of ’71

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Are You Wondering about a Calling from the Lord?
In 1967, David Paul wondered where the Lord would lead him. Like many Christians, he had no idea what the Lord intended for his life. But, he believed God was calling him to ministry. Where was the Lord leading him? Just as importantly, where could he go to get the practical training he needed? By faith, he turned to the Lord for the answer. The Lord led him to Faith Theological Seminary. Faith had long been preparing Christians for ministry by the time David applied. FTS continues to minister to students all over the world. It would certainly lay the groundwork in his life for the MANY varied callings into which God was about to lead him.

Too Late to Apply? Not at FTS

Like so many young Christians desiring to find a faithful seminary, Dave was well into the summer before even making his application to FTS. He was relieved to find FTS maintains a policy allowing for late application, understanding there are many students just like him, hesitant, and almost too anxious to decide upon a good school… only to find it really IS too late to apply to many of the good schools. FTS allows for late application in the undergraduate Bachelors program as well as the Masters and Doctoral levels.

Preparing Christians for Ministry for over Five Decades

Faith Theological Seminary has been preparing Christian individuals like David Paul in ministry for decades. Meeting the needs of individuals dedicated to serving the Lord is what FTS is all about. David NOW looks back on his preparation at FTS and sees how thoroughly he was trained in the years he spent there. He was given a strong foundation… and it carried him well into the future.

Training Foundation for Missions and Christian Education

Who could have dreamed David and his wife Pat would be called into missions service? For years, they worked to build a church and a Christian school on an Indian reservation in Canada. They spent a good portion of their early-married years working with young Indian children leading many to faith in Christ AND giving them the kinds of worldview answers that build faith and a holy reverence for the Lord’s Name. During those years, David often thought of the conversations he had had with professors outside the classroom as he ministered to young Indian minds. Being prepared for the trials he faced made him thankful for all he was given by God at FTS:

Faith offered David the training of a lifetime. That was then, and it is still ongoing.

Comprehensive worldview training… a worldview that served him on the Reservation as he faced a different heritage, different customs and was still able to apply Christ to their lives effectively. That same training is at the heart of Faith’s curricula today. Low ratio of professor to student. He thanks God for the many conversations and counsels of professors who befriended him as a young man, guiding his thinking, always helping him to grow in Christ, developing gifts constantly while seeking the Lord’s guidance… Nothing has changed. The same low ratio of professors to students still carefully maintained today. He credits much of his success as a Christian Counselor to the training and discernment he received at FTS. There he was given the foundational skills for Christian counseling as both minister and teacher. Today, a discerning ministerial training equips the student for practical Christian pastoral counseling. Later, his training again rewarded him as he entered hospital Chaplaincy, ministering to patients and their families, often under the most trying of circumstances. The same approach that trained David Paul and other successful men of the Word such as Dr. Francis Schaeffer, is ongoing today. Finally, all through those years, he found it necessary to provide for his family as a “tent-maker”, following the example of the Apostle Paul. Even there, the example of many self-sacrificing professors who shared their experiences with David over the years in Christ’s vineyard, bore fruit in his own life.

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