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Since 1937 Faith Theological Seminary (FTS) has faithfully trained men and women for Christian ministry in various cities: Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Since moving to Baltimore, MD in 2004, FTS has continued its tradition of teaching Christian leaders for the church of Jesus Christ through encouraging loyalty to the Christian faith as taught in the Old and New Testaments. This is done through the core courses related to the students’ degree program (bachelor, master, and doctoral), while allowing them to choose focus-elective courses that emphasize areas of contemporary needs in ministry. As a seminary located in an urban context, FTS has seen the need to focus its degree programs in a way that will best address and meet the needs of its home city. The core of our programs offer a cohesive balance of biblical, systematic, historical, and practical theology at each level, while the focus-electives concentrate on an area of the student’s choice related to several important, contemporary concerns.

At the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) level, the student decides from one of two areas of ministry concern that they may focus in their studies. The first focus emphasis is in Bible and Theology. This emphasis is designed for those who are looking to study the Scriptures at a deeper level in biblical and systematic theology. The Bible and Theology elective focus-courses include: Biblical Discipleship, Comparative Theology of Major Denominations, Logos Bible Software, Biblical Archaeology, Biblical Theology, and Biblical Worldview.

The second elective emphasis in the B.Th. program is in Urban Ministry. Once again, the Bible and theology are at its core, but here the student can focus on urban, city missions. For those who are interested in urban ministries, inner city parachurch ministries, and inner-city church planting, the Urban Ministry courses guide the student in studying these issues through the biblical lens of its core courses in Bible and theology. The Urban Ministry elective focus-courses include: Cross-Cultural Communication, Biblical Missions, Principles of Church Planting, Urban Church Ministry, Evangelism, and World Religion and Cults.

The core of our Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is a study of Scriptures in the related fields of Biblical, Exegetical, Systematic, Historical, and Practical Theology. The focus-electives have been placed into two areas of emphases that the student may choose. The first of which is the Biblical Studies emphasis that is designed to focus on the study of scripture and theology, while offering additional biblical courses that take the student into a deeper study of its M.Div. core program. The Biblical Studies elective focus-courses include: The Life of Christ, Historical and Geographical Studies of Israel, and expositions of key books of the Bible such as Isaiah, Romans, and Hebrews.

The second elective emphasis in the M.Div. program is in Biblical Counseling. The Biblical Counseling focus-courses offer rigorous and specialized training to prepare men and women for practical ministry in the church or parachurch setting. This emphasis is designed for pastors and church leaders who seek to do a significant amount of counseling within their congregations, homeless shelters, women’s pregnancy centers, or other parachurch ministries. Alongside the rich biblical and theological studies at the core of the M.Div. program, the counseling emphasis adds a great balance for those seeking a seminary education in both biblical and practical theology. The Biblical Counseling elective focus-courses include: Biblical Counseling, Qualities of a Biblical Counselor, Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Dealing with Addictions.

If you are looking for a solid, biblically rooted theological education, consider Faith Theological Seminary as part of your studies. Whether you are located in the greater Baltimore area, or live at a distance, and are interested in one of our Programs, we warmly invite you to join us. And, if you desire to focus on one of the emphases in Bible and Theology, Urban Ministry, and/or Biblical Counseling, please contact our Director of Admissions, Michael Dewalt, and find out how to apply today.

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We are thankful for the seventy-seven years God has continued to bless our efforts at raising up the next generation of godly men and women to serve Christ and his church in its witness to the world. We pray that you would kindly consider making Faith Theological Seminary a part of your future, a place where you can study the Word and proclaim the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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