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2015 Christ and Culture Seminar Review

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Faith Seminary hosted its annual Christ and Culture Seminar, Nov 21, on the vitally important subject of Marriage and Family. The series of presentations covered the broad range of subjects dealing with the Purposes and Challenges of Singleness, Marriage, and Family. We had an excellent turnout of student and staff attendees that also included quite a few visitors. Dr. Hague introduced the seminar with some thoughts on the biblical origins and framework for marriage and family in terms of its context, structure, and accountability within the church family, in contrast to the contemporary notions associated with foundations of marriage as strictly love and romance. Similarly, Gary Thomas developed some beautiful ideas from his book, Sacred Marriage, that holiness is the objective of marriage and family life, and happiness is thus by-product not the goal. Emphasizing the nature of worship and the family as an expression of worship, Paul Tripp addressed the great need to base our understanding on the biblical concepts of worship instead of just romance. We also got a stirring challenge from Eric Mason for men to be obedient to Christ in their homes and marriages. For singles, David Platt’s lecture gave a much needed encouragement to understand singleness as a particularly important calling and opportunity to serve Christ. Pastor Tim Keller’s presentation included many insights and challenges to have a biblical and balanced perspective on our marriages and family life. The increasingly important need to understand the challenges and opportunities of cross-cultural marriage were addressed exceptionally well in Trillia Newbell’s address.

We were especially grateful to have the panel discussion questions from the attendees responded so clearly and carefully to by Dr. Deckard and Pastor Pearce. We also had the pleasure of the Voices of Faith leading us in a hymn during a break time!

Videos used in the presentation:

  1. Sacred Marriage: God’s Purposes for Marriage: More than We Can Imagine by Gary Thomas,
  2. Renewing Men: the Gospel Call by Eric Mason,
  3. Radically Single: Authentic Christianity as Men and Women by David Platt,
  4. Meaning of Marriage in Gospel Focus by Tim Keller,
  5. Living an Interracial Marriage by Trillia Newbell,


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