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Study and Tour of Israel – January 2014

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This event has been postponed.  Click here for information on the 2015 Tour of Israel. Open to all interested in Israel and the Bible!  An introduction to the geography, history, and archaeology of Israel. Details and registration form for the Historical Geographical Tour of Israel 2014 For those who sign up as students FALL, 2013 (offered at Faith… Read more »

How Beautiful are the Feet of them that Preach the Gospel of Peace

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Post Written by Gloria Hague Much interest has been generated about Lynnewood Hall, where Faith Theological Seminary was located (1952-1997), since the Associated Press released an article covering the mansion last week. It was an amazing property that has been called “an American Versailles.” The owner’s son, grandson, and servant were on board the Titanic… Read more »

Why Study Theology at Faith Theological Seminary?

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Post Written by Stephen Hague, Academic Dean, Faith Theological Seminary – It appears that commitment to theological education may be somewhat on the decline in our day. If this is so, I think it is partly due to the notion that intensive study of the Word is for “professionals” such as ministers and teachers. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Whose Morality?

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Post Written by John Lepera – The past president of Cornell University, Frank Rhodes, made the statement at a meeting of educators at Harvard University in 1987, “We need to pay real and sustained attention to students’ intellectual and moral well-being.” His progressive listeners were surprised by such a comment. He was challenged by a… Read more »

The Search for Significance

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Post Written by Stephen T. Hague – William James in Essays on Faith and Morals asks two big questions: “What makes life significant?” And, “Is life worth living?” He notes rightly that there are many things (culture, ideals, heroism) that give some kind of significance to life, yet that fail “when they pretend singly to redeem life of insignificance”… Read more »

76th Annual Commencement Invitation

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Dear Friend of Faith Theological Seminary, Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We would like to extend a cordial invitation to you to attend Faith Theological Seminary’s Seventy-Sixth Annual Commencement Service on Saturday, May 25th at 10:00 a.m. We have a very fine program planned with an… Read more »

Commencement Student Body Picture

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From the first graduation in 1938 to 1975, Faith Theological Seminary has taken a picture of the current student body along with professors following commencement.  We at FTS would like to renew this tradition this year after the Seventy-Sixth Annual Commencement Exercises. All current students are advised to dress formally for this event.  The photo… Read more »

The Art of Music in Worship

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Post Written by Gloria Hague – I was trained in a secular college to do church music. During that training, I became a Christian. With new eyesight, the words of much of the music we were singing took on a deep and profound meaning. What changed everything for me, and was a point of great… Read more »

Faith Seminary Graduates Class

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(From Thursday, May 19, 1938 Christian Beacon Vol. III – No. 15) Rev. James R. Graham Brings First Commencement Address An enthusiastic group of Christian people filled the First Independent Church of Wilmington to overflowing on Friday evening, May 13. The occasion was the first annual commencement of Faith Theological Seminary. The exercises marked the… Read more »