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Library Services

FTS also has borrowing privileges with St. Mary’s Seminary Marion Burk Knott Library (five minutes drive from FTS). FTS students with an FTS ID card can get a Marion Burk Knott Library card for borrowing privileges for $40 per year. FTS students have full access to their extensive electronic databases and periodicals. Marion Burk Knott Library also has reciprocal borrowing privileges with Baltimore Hebrew University that allows students access through interlibrary loan services for a small fee. Marion Burk Knott Library also has catalog access to Johns Hopkins University and the Catholic University of America.

FTS has borrowing privileges through the Friends of the Loyola program with Loyola Notre Dame University Library. FTS students with an FTS ID card may get a Loyola Notre Dame University Library card for borrowing privileges for $25 per year.

Wireless Internet
Wireless internet access is available only to students and faculty.

Library ID cards
All student and alumni library users must have a valid photo library card issued from the FTS IT Office. All non-student library users must have a Guest Library user’s photo-id card ($25 payable in the Business Office).

Reference Services
A librarian, or staff member, is on duty to assist you during hours of operation. You can get help in locating needed information in the Library or outside sources. We also provide instruction in the use of the reference tools, audio-visual materials, and equipment.

Instructor Reserve Materials
Reserves are books and materials placed on short-term loan periods at an instructor’s request so that all students in the class may have an opportunity to read or review the material. These materials are available on request at the Checkout Counter. You must know your instructor’s name and the class title to ask for these materials. Loan periods vary from one-hour library use only, up to one week.

The library has computers available for word processing, Internet access, and CD-ROM. The library has a wireless network throughout the library facility.

Confidentiality of Library Records
FTS Library formally recognizes that all records identifying the names, I.D. number of library patrons, and the library materials that they use are confidential in nature. Such records are not to be revealed to anyone other than the patron in question without either the express written permission of the patron in question or the adherence to proper legal or Seminary procedures regarding required access to such information.