Preparing believers in Jesus Christ for Christian ministry since 1937

President’s Message


Dear Fellow Servant of Christ,

The greatest call in all the world is the call to preach and service our Lord. The greatest need for the church and our world today is for dedicated expositors of the Word who preach with clarity, boldness, and conviction. There has never been a time in the history of the church when this was more urgently needed than today. We live in a time where loud angry voices are presenting arguments that are based on the wisdom of man and the spirit of the age. Ultimately, the philosophies of men prove to be empty and powerless. The answer to man’s needs are sufficiently provided in the inspired Word. Based on these unshakable convictions we here at Faith are committed to training up servants and ministers that will courageously go forth to meet the challenges of the day.

At Faith Theological Seminary we offer theological education that is centered in the inerrant Word of God, sustained by scholarly study and research, nurtured in discipling relationships and ministry experiences, characterized by personal growth, and directed toward effectiveness in evangelism and edification.

If God is calling you to a special ministry, if you aspire to effectiveness in a ministry of the Word, if you are willing to submit yourself to the discipline of diligent study and to discipleship by godly men. then we invite you to prayerfully consider the exciting potential for study with us at Faith Theological Seminary.


Jerry R. Harmon, Ph. D
Faith Theological Seminary