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Assessment is a continuous process to ensure that programs, courses, faculty, and students are all achieving the stated Learning Objectives of Faith Theological Seminary. Faith Theological Seminary employs a multi-faceted approach to evaluating and continuously improving institutional performance, and is committed to providing current and historical process results data to stakeholders and others with potential interest.

Faith Theological Seminary is committed to providing effective biblical and theological education to all its students. One way we ensure this is by having established the Academic Committee and Course-Embedded Assessment Committee which follow an ongoing process to evaluate all academic programs to assess whether they are meeting stated Program Learning Objectives (PLO), and whether actual student assignments demonstrate that they are achieving the Program Learning Objectives of their degree program. This evaluation includes assessment of all of the specific Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for each course that flow out of those Program Learning Objectives, in order to determine and monitor the successful fulfillment of the Seminary Mission and Objectives.

The yearly assessment of the curriculum and programs of the Seminary include an assortment of instruments of assessment that include student evaluations of courses, various satisfaction surveys, course-embedded assessments, as well as evaluation and assessment of staff and faculty. All assessment data are evaluated by the Academic Committees, including review each semester of specific student work samples. Each semester, summarized results of assessment data will be compiled and published in tabular form (see below). It is also available upon emailed or written request to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Data are currently available for Student Course Evaluations, and for Embedded Course Assessments, which are performed under the guidance of the Academic Committee (an explanation of the underlying Embedded Course Assessment process is available here).

This webpage is annually updated with the latest assessment results and will in the future include additional types of data as they become available. Results will be made available for the current and prior semesters.

Assessment Plan 2019

FTS Assessment Report 2018-2019

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